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All-in-One Website Sales Optimization Service

Save time and sell more online with an on-demand IT & marketing team

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Digital Marketing and Website Optimization Service

Predictably and Reliably Scale Your Business

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Optimize Your Website for Leads and Sales

Set a strong website foundation to get more traffic, leads and sales.

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Scale Your Business with Ads and SEO

Grow your sales with ads, search engin optimization and automations.

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Peace of Mind with Tech Angels

Sales continue to flow as our tech team ensures everything is working behind the scenes.

How we Help You Grow

All-In-One Website Sales Solution to Scale

Enjoy peace of mind with a fully-integrated website and digital marketing solution as we take everything off your plate.

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No more chaos and creeping costs from connecting endless software as we provide everything for:
  • Funnels and landing pages
  • Quizzes, surveys and calculators
  • Analytics, visual heat maps and lead tracking
  • Courses, memberships and protected content
  • Affiliates, eCommerce and payment processing

Save your team countless hours as we’ll take care of:

  • Producing on-demand how-to videos for your team
  • Reaching out to 3rd party suppliers on your behalf
  • Publishing your content, design updates and emails

Accelerate your growth with our digital marketing strategy, funnel and ad campaign implementation, and search engine optimization lead generation campaigns.


What Our Customers Say

Dr. Jafarzadeh

Dr. Jafarzadeh


Our business requires the strict regulations around the privacy of our client’s information. The Digital Navigator helped us source the right privacy technology but also implement technology into the website solution that they still managed for us.

Gary Hirsch

Gary Hirsch

Owner, Hirsch’s Speciality Meats

We have been in business since 1992 and have tried every type of marketing medium. Jim’s team was referred to me from another business colleague that ranted and raved about what his team was doing for him.


Brian Appleton

Co-Owner, Elevated Advisors

Our needs for our online lead generation company outgrew our current employees. Their integrated tech stack of websites, landing pages, and payment systems has been so successful that we expanded into two verticals in radically different industries.



Owner, Safe Pro Pest

In our first conversation they shed some light on the exact technical reasons that our online sales strategy was not working. Since switching to The Digital Navigator, they have directly helped to grow our business by 189%.


Jennifer Gilchrist

Founder Soul Success Unleashed

Since working with them I am getting 5 times the enrollment. They work great with my assistant and I trust that things are being handled behind the scenes between our teams. This gives me the energy and confidence to do what I love to do.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Schedule a consultation with one of The Digital Navigator leaders to learn how to generate more sales with your website and digital marketing efforts. We are excited to get to know you and work with your team.

Courses, Content and Memberships

Benefit from a fully automated and integrated tech stack to sell your courses, online training and membership.

Online Payments and eCommerce

Streamline your payment solution whether you take one-off payments, sell digital products or have a thriving eCommerce business.

Lead generation engine (SEO)

Tap into a pipeline of targeted leads from Google, Yahoo, Bring and DuckDuckGo through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Make More Sales and Save Time for Your Team with our Integrated Website Solution

Gain peace of mind as an independent business owner knowing that your website is optimized for sales and integrates with all your systems. Make your team’s life easier and reduce time wasted troubleshooting tech problems.

Follow our 3-step system to grow your sales while eliminating IT-related headaches:



Optimize Your Website for Leads and Sales

  • Maximize leads and sales with our all-in-one website and marketing solution
  • Save countless hours with our in-house customer service, IT and marketing team
  • Protect your business with Fort Knox security and 30-day backups

Optimize My Website



Scale Your Marketing Campaigns to Increase Profits

  • Increase profits by launching and improving ad campaigns
  • Cut down expenses by eliminating what isn’t working in your digital marketing
  • Save time with IT and marketing experts that extend your team’s capacity

Grow My Sales



Open a Floodgate of Leads with Search Engine Optimization

  • Install a predictable pipeline of qualified leads searching for your solution
  • Stop depending on paid traffic, launches, and referrals to grow
  • Increase profits and manage risks with growth projections backed by research

Increase My Lead Flow


Case Studies

Elysia Hartzell

Elysia Hartzell Achieves Break Out Success.

Certifying Dozens in Her Own Self-Improvement Modality & Generating Over $64,500!

Elysia was thinking about pulling the plug on her business before she made one simple move that would take her success to game-changing new heights.
Read Case Study

Launched a Digital Certification Program

Launched a Digital Certification Program, Generating $46,364 From A Small $935 Ad Budget!

Samantha went from a mere idea to a campaign that put close to $50,000 in her pocket and set her business up for the next level of growth.
Read Case Study

Lori Williams Scoring a $155,000 In 2-Weeks

Her Transformed Multiple Years of Hard Knocks to Scoring a $155,000 2-Week Facebook Launch!

In July 2019, Lori launched the Practical Remote Viewing Online Course and brought in 688 new leads and $155,355. She did it all in only $1,050.
Read Case Study


Watch online trainings and masterclasses to get more leads and sales online

Step One Choose a great domain name

Boost Your Sales with a Fully Optimized Website

Simple strategies to generate sales and save money

  • Increase organic website visitors and leads
  • Avoid crucial website mistakes
  • Optimize your contact forms
  • Leverage your traffic to generate sales
  • Increase organic visitors and leads

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Quickly Turn Your Website into a Lead and Sales Engine

Simple strategies to capture qualified leads’ information and close sales

  • Increase the visibility of your seasonal promotions and special offers
  • Get more requests for quotes, discovery calls and sales enquiries
  • Use forms and pop-up notification to get more leads and sales

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Your Website is not Compliant and this is what you NEED TO DO!

Simple strategies to avoid receiving big governmental fines

  • Ensure you obey the laws with gathering your lead’s information
  • Establish protection for your website so it complies with GDPR (Europe legislation)
  • Understand FTC requirements to avoid getting in their crosshair (US legislation)
  • Avoid fines by governmental bodies

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Watch online trainings and masterclasses to get more leads and sales from your online initiatives


Download digital marketing and website sales optimization worksheets, checklists and web page layouts


Download digital marketing and website sales optimization worksheets, checklists and web page layouts


Free Website Audit to Increase Sales

Discover your path to more leads, conversions, and sales!

  • Optimization tips to reduce ad spend while increasing sales
  • Ideas to get more leads and sales from search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Actionable next steps you can deliver straight to your developers

Schedule Website Audit


High Converting Landing Page Checklist

Optimize sign-ups to your landing pages and free offers

  • Eliminate the draining spiral of launching, editing, and re-launching with a proven checklist
  • Maximize the leads you get from spending resources to drive traffic to your landing pages
  • Generate more sales and grow faster with warm targeted leads

Download Checklist


Fill-in-the-Blank Sales Funnel Worksheets

Generate more leads and sales with your funnels absolutely free!

  • Save time with our PDF templates with examples you can copy
  • Convert visitors into clients by launching a new funnel
  • Increase conversion numbers of your current funnels
  • Avoid broken funnels and wasted resources

Download Sales Funnel


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